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  1. Is the Sparkly White Kit reusable?

    The kit can be used over and over, you will just need to purchase more gel refills.

  2. How long does the product last?

    Results will vary depending on an individual’s lifestyle and eating habits.Typically, results should last an average of 6 months with regularly brushing your teeth and keeping away from things like Coffee, Tea, Wine and Tabacco.

  3. Is this product safe for everyone to use?

    Pregnant or Breastfeeding

    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you please consult with your doctor or physician before using the teeth whitening kit.


    If you wear braces we recommend that you don’t use this product.


    The minimum age we recommend is 14 years of age for use.

  4. How many applications are in the kit?

    There is enough gel in your kit to last 7-10 consecutive days.

  5. My LED light won’t turn on, am I missing something?

    When you receive the you kit there is a plastic disk inserted into the light to protect it from turning on and using up your battery. To remove the plastic disk you simply need to remove the back of the LED light by twisting the cover and removing the batteries. You then need to remove the disk and put the batteries back in. Once you have put the cover back on the LED light should work just fine.

    Please make sure the batteries are placed correctly. If the light still won’t turn on it’s possible that you need new batteries. You can buy new or replacement batteries online to at any WalMart/Target type store for less than $1.

  6. How long do I have to wear the trays at a time?

    We recommend 15-30 minutes depending on your sensitivity level. Start with 15 minutes and if comfortable, continue for the 30 minutes. Use once a day for 7-10 consecutive days. Do not exceed 30 minute applications.

  7. Is this product safe?

    This product is FDA compliant and safe to use on all types of surfaces of teeth! Our product will not cause any harm or damage and is Enamel Safe!